Mobili-Multifunkcionalni pult

Mobili is a multifunctional stall that is innovative in its ability to transform effortlessly to different requirements and users, all through a complex system of pulleys. The primary function, or rather the message of Mobili, is to revive old city centres and bring life back to its forgotten squares. In the morning, with its transformation, it turns the square into a Green Market, promoting small farm produce, where locals and visitors alike can enjoy a good and healthy shopping experience. Transforming itself, through the pulleys, from a stall into an easel, it brings to the square a school of painting. With the re-transformation in the evening, it becomes a gallery for the afternoon painters, a concert bench or even a DJ counter. The Mobili are made of waterproof plywood, with their surface treated multiple times. The construction parts are made of painted galvanised steel. The decorative parts are made of hand-stitched leather. The pulleys and ropes were taken from sailboats.


Idearium, design studio, Croatia

Stolarija Gojanović, Croatia

Year of production

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