Melea The Health Concept Hotel

We were involved in the design of an innovative hotel concept focused on lifestyle transformation beyond mere relaxation. This unique hotel offers holistic check-ups, personalized therapy, fitness, and nutrition programs to its guests. Since guests do not have contact with the outside world during their stay, it was essential to ensure that everything they need is provided within the building and gardens.

The interior design concept draws inspiration from the healing traditions of Eastern cultures, guiding the spatial design approach. Our vision aimed to create a more homely and welcoming environment for guests compared to a typical hotel room. Communal spaces were designed to evoke feelings of security, intimacy, and human scale, providing opportunities for social interaction as well as moments of solitude. The principle of contrasts played a significant role in the design, reflected in the choice of materials (soft vs. hard tactile surfaces), the juxtaposition of angular and rounded forms, and the dynamic interplay between indoor and outdoor sensations.


Kroki Studio

Year of completion

Sárvár, Hungary

Total area
4.000 m2

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