Masseria Mangiamuso, Ostuni

The Masseria Mangiamuso of Ostuni (BR) is a 17th century fortification. After about 50 years of total abandonment, the farm was purchased by a couple of friends who, after a holiday in Puglia, decided to acquire the structure and entrust it to the design of the Flore & Venezia studio. In the farm is enhanced the philosophy of the studio, consisting of a few essential materials: stone, lime, iron and wood. In the external space there is a swimming pool with dark gray plastered interiors that bring back the character and colors of the surrounding area. The entire structure is self-sufficient in terms of energy and consumption thanks to the water collection and photovoltaic system. The intervention wanted to read the past to hand it down to the future.


Arkitetti Flore Venezia

Claudio Palma

Ostuni, Italy

Work started

Work finished

Project Partners

Pierino Prezioso & C snc, Termo Idro Klima, Luca Pastore, Rubino Tommaso, Sirio Srl, Francesco Cardone, Zizzi Giovanni

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