Majestic villa, Mykonos

The study concerns the design of a small hotel unit in Mykonos. The complex consists of 2 buildings which are located on the north-south axis. The entrance is from the north where two sliding walls lead to a plateau from which access to the rooms. A linear route leads from the buildings to the pool area. This area hosts seating, food preparation and sports uses. In the interior the rooms, as smaller units of the building, create horizontal zones of independent uses, such as the bathroom, the living room and the master bedroom. Wooden partition panels and low built-in benches act as filters that allow visual contact of the individual spaces.


GNB architects


Year of completion

Mykonos, Greece

Total area
200 m2

Site area
4.000 m2

Andreas Bekas

Project Partners

Rochari – Pan. Kousathanas Axteo, Varelas Home Design, Daktilidis Ioannis, Sanco, Windoor-syros, Patsis Glass Sa, Placed, Bright Bright Special Lighting S.a., Metallotexniki, Smk Group, Mamoutzis Giannis, Collezione, Zymaridis Wood Well, Paraphernalia Athens, Sarlas, Vitalis Pools Smpc, Silver Strom

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