Low Collection

‘Low Collection’ is a series of furniture designed by EBBA’s director, Benni Allan, as part of an investigation into what it means to sit and how every culture has a different relationship to the act of resting. The collection sits on liminal ground between art and function, organic and rational. The curvilinear design of the ‘Low Collection’ takes inspiration from previous trips to Japan as well as Allan’s experience of living in China and southern Spain. Celebrating both bold and clean lines the oak itself takes centre stage in each piece, highlighting the cross-cuts and the quality of the end-grain. Each piece is made from solid oak and made in a way that expresses the true characteristics of the material. Created using a mix of both traditional and modern craftsmanship, each piece combines new machining technologies to generate the refined geometries and is hand-finished. The collection is presented and available at Béton Brut gallery in East London and includes 6 pieces: Table 01, Table 02, Low Seat, Chair, Bench and Stool.


Benni Allan, London, UK

Manufactured by
CNC Projects, London, UK

Hand-finished by
Benni Allan, London, UK

Year of production

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