Lotus Oriental Restaurant, Maserà

Dive yourself into a green oriental garden and let yourself be pampered by luxurious curtains in a dedicated VIP room. A restaurant that turns into a garden and a garden that turns into a restaurant. This is the common thread guiding the different design of the various rooms of the new Japanese Restaurant Lotus. Where green vigorously conquers the design ad harmonizes all the shapes. The architectural project inserts into the facade a full band planted with different kind of slow growing plants, equipped with automatic irrigation system, this band is in contraposition with the glass walls and this creates a play of contrasts and increases the microclimatic conditions of the spaces near, that develop along two of the main roads.


3ndy Studio

Lotus Oriental Restaurant s.r.l.

Year of completion

Maserà, Padova, Italy

Total area
325 m2

Site area
1.500 m2

Leonardo Scarabello – Fotografo

Project Partners

Francesco Parpaiola, Federico Sicurella, Sinergo, 23studioluce, Nalesso srl

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