Ghetaldus Opatija

This interior design project is a refurbishment of an existing optics store in Opatija. The client had only one wish, to use remote lockable rods that can be used for both sunglasses and vision glasses, for a quantity of around 500 glasses. A simple concept based on the separation of space by materials and color according to use was applied to organize the interior. Self-leveling cement was used in the center of the space on the floor, ceiling and part of the furniture creating a unique element within the surrounding white interior. White color in the rest of the interior is a neutral base that emphasizes the exposed frames and glasses of different shapes and forms. The space is divided by a curtain into two parts, a sales area and a service area used by store employees. Curtains and hanging felt lamps accent the cash register set up in the middle of the store.


Studio Mapa; Maja Stanić, Vojko Stanić

Ghetaldus Rijeka, d.o.o, Rijeka

Year of completion

Opatija, Croatia

Total area
45 m2

Studio Mapa

Project Partners

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