Loop Bodysuit

Babies grow very quickly, and they outgrow their clothes even quicker. In the first months, they seem to grow out of their cute little clothes faster than you can wash them. We invented our Loop Bodysuit to solve this problem. Its unique and clever minimalistic design has no fiddly buttons or ties and grows along with your baby for many months. The Loop Bodysuit is made of a stretchy, supple cashmere-modal blend that is comfortable and soft on baby’s skin. It stretches to hug your baby’s shape, allowing space for bulky cloth diapers and protecting their sensitive torso from cold and drafts. The highlight of this completely new type of bodysuit is in the name: its patent-pending loop. The loop encircles the baby’s tummy with a wide, comfortable layer that never pulls or pinches. And the best part? The Loop Bodysuit makes dressing and undressing easier and quicker for caretakers: no more nerve-wracking diaper changes spent wrestling with the tiny snaps of conventional bodysuits. Very small babies may not like having clothes pulled on over their heads, so the Loop Bodysuit is also designed for easy dressing from the bottom up.


Selina Schweiker & Friederike Sirin

petit cochon Manufaktur GmbH

Year of production

Selina Schweiker & Stadtgören

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