LobiSILENT – The Acoustic Solution

Noise and bad acoustics are often nerve-wracking, causing stress and lack of concentration, having therefore a negative effect on our general well-being. The plank combines noble wood-aesthetics with the functionality of a sound-absorbing acoustic wall and ceiling. The acoustic floorboard indeed opens up unique design possibilities. The narrowly perforated LobiSILENT planks can be assembled as a wall and/or ceiling cladding, matching the installed floor. In combination with the acoustic fabric and an appropriated spacing, LobiSILENT achieves a very high level of sound absorption and thus provides a particularly pleasant room ambience. The degree of absorption of the acoustic solution varies according to the perforation pattern and/or size of the interspace. The walls and ceilings, created from the same material of the wooden floor with an identical surface treatment, ensure a uniform appearance and an incomparable aesthetics. Although remotely applied, you can obtain a good result in noise absorption. Up to 28,000 holes per square meter absorb the sound and thus allow a harmonious coexistence and increase the quality of life.


Paul Lobis, Italy

Lobis Böden GmbH, Italy

Year of production

Gufler Christian

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