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Changing with the times, continuously evolving, transforming, but always a benchmark. Twils has added new configurations to T-Pad, designed by Matteo Ragni: a chaise longue, a sofa for the living room, an island for the contract sector, and lots more besides. Thanks to its modules which can easily be hooked and unhooked, three different armrests, the five-sided element, and the drop-shaped island, T-Pad can change a room’s look and give the home fresh new appeal. The modules hook and unhook in a simple and intuitive manner without the need for screws or complicated mechanisms. The different elements offer endless configuration options, so we can bring about major or minor transformations both in the hospitality industry and in our homes.


Matteo Ragni Studio: Matteo Ragni, Italy

Twils, Italy

Year of production

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