The project in which the Municipality of Cuneo participated in the Alcotra Program involved the construction of a closed and covered bicycle parking facility. The design of the bike parking is based on a functional layout, featuring a corridor for bike delivery and parking supports. The ridge precisely follows the diagonal of the base rectangle. The cladding elements and grilles form trapezoidal shapes, which are also reflected in the geometries of the seats and flowerbeds in the surrounding square.

The main structure consists of a modular metal framework, selected to control building costs, expedite construction, and achieve significant economic and environmental sustainability. To delineate the existing parking area from the pedestrian zone around the building, a corten steel sign was created with individual letters spelling out the word “VELOSTAZIONE”. These perforated letters also serve as bike racks. Additionally, another covered area with a canopy has been installed in the square for bike parking.


Studio 3Mark; Michele Cassino, Manuela Rosso

Municipality of Cuneo

Year of completion

Cuneo, Italy

Oscar Bernelli

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