Mali Trnovski pristan / Little Trnovski pristan

In a 32 m2 apartment near Ljubljanica river embankment in Trnovo, the original elements served as the foundation for the project’s vision, influencing the decision to purchase and renovate the neglected space. The goal was to create a cozy and functional space with character using a hands-on approach, despite limitations such as small square footage, the position of the main load-bearing wall and a tight budget, while still providing modern comfort for an individual or a couple.

By incorporating various elements, we managed to combine functionality, storage optimization, and a sense of spaciousness and light. Restorative interventions, such as exposing the ceiling in the living room, grinding and oiling the orange clay tiles, and refreshing the bathroom, demonstrated that much can be fixed instead of being disposed of, while also adding character and promoting sustainable values. We refreshed the spaces with a harmonious color palette in contrast with neutrals. The interior evolved with elements added or removed based on current inspiration and the availability of second-hand finds.

The apartment is a base that encourages personal expression, as the best spaces often speak the most about those who inhabit them.


Jagoda studio; Danaja Jovandič

Year of completion

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Total area
32 m2

Miha Godec, Danaja Jovandič

Project Partners


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