Lift House

A limestone outcrops emerges from the green hills of the Marecchia Valley. The project of this private house is inspired by a careful examination of the landscape setting itself with the goal to integrate the surrounding areas with particularly natural and geomorphological features of the Valmarecchia natural scenery, attractive authentic and harmonious in its territory “contrasts“. In this land, mother of a boundless green, punctuated by the rolling hills and emerge imposing millennial limestone outcrops whose volumes have always been a sign of great territorial extent. The design target is to give birth to a chained planimetric system, where the house actually communicates with its surroundings becoming part of it albeit with contemporary marks. The goal of the project is to minimize the impact on the landscape. The design choice is to remain constantly below to the maximum height allowed. The project is integrated to the landscape shape allowing an earthmoving operation below to the standards. Every single item of fixture, lighting and furniture is designed by Enrico Muscioni concerning interior and exterior design.


enrico muscioni architect


Year of completion

Torriana, Italy

Total area
380 m2

Site area
1.200 m2

Andrea Martiradonna

Stage 180°

Project Partners

Impresa Edile Torsani – constructor, IRCI spa – Energy projects and energy systems installations, MEWENG- Ing. Odine Manfroni – Structures project

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