LHOV is just what the modern home needed, an object of high-design able to challenge time and space limits. LHOV was born out of this desire, establishes a new category in household appliances: a 3 in 1 solution that integrates hob, hood and oven. A true revolution making the best use of space in the home, but above all, a product that will reshape the cooking experience. Its name LHOV, evokes three essential kitchen elements (Hob, Oven, Ventilation), but also the ‘love’ that has led to combine them into one single, never-before-seen product, beyond even the most demanding customer’s dreams. LHOV is made up of a single unit that maintains and enhances the linear look of the kitchen: no protruding corners, no interruptions, the extraction system is cleverly hidden within the appliance, while the oven found under the hob, is at an ergonomic height, in addition to leaving free space below for further storage. LHOV offers a whole new cooking experience, which is more functional, pleasant and intuitive. Its powerful extraction system automatically removes vapors and odors, not only from the hob, but also from the oven.


Fabrizio Crisà design


Year of production

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