Apartment LR

Apartment renovation was designed for a young couple. All non-load-bearing walls were removed in order to create a spacious and open volume of the main living space. Main entrance foyer is not physically divided from the main living area, but only optically differentiated through the use of materials and textures. One main motive of a material combination of oak wood and grey texture is repeating throughout the apartment in two different variations. The main entrance foyer combines grey texture of floor ceramics with oak wood wall cladding and furniture. On the other hand, the main living area is opposite with oak flooring combined with grey-colored furniture and wall cladding. The exact border between entrance foyer and living area is blurred through the furniture elements that run into one another, but is on the other hand optically stressed through different textures. Apart from public functions, that are open and visible to anyone, private functions of an apartment – bathroom and bedroom – are hidden behind a structured wall cladding with integrated doors and wardrobes.


Sipa Architektur


Year of completion

Trbovlje, Slovenia

Total area
75,15 m2

Lovro Rozina

Stage 180°

Project partners

Mizarstvo Sitar, Boštjan Sitar s.p., Intra Lighting d.o.o.

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