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The leaf trays are part of VMD Objects “Forms” Collection, and are exemplary of a more conceptual design sensibility. The olive tree leaf-shape in this design is present in every field and understanding of Greek nature and history, and is symbolic of peace, goodwill and fair game (as an object of victory in the Olympic Games). These trays come in a smaller and larger size, the dimensions of them being: 45cm in length, 22cm in width, 3cm in height, as well as, 55cm in length, 27,5cm in width, 3cm in height, respectively. The pure Greek marble objects come in Nestos and Dionysos white marble. These household accessories function as centerpieces, or individually decorative objects. VMD focuses greatly on the construction of sustainable, durable design objects of impeccable quality and friendly to the environment due to their local character and production. This handcrafted product holds symbolism and meaning; adorning homes with a spirit of historical and cultural significance.


Villy Margariti – Dalacoura

Villy Margariti – Dalacoura

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Natalia Tsoukala

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