La Ghiacciaia, Pederobba

Immersed in the Prosecco vineyards of the Treviso area, this building is the result of a careful regeneration project: first a glacier in a villa, then a deposit of ammunition during the Great War. To fit into this context, a recovery of the existing is foreseen which, together with a new intervention, amplifies it’s natural specificities. Access to the building takes place through a cave, illuminated by lights on the ground, that leads to the underground heart of the “brochen”, an ancient icehouse from the late 1600s. The characteristic geometry of the space is visible through the two levels of glass floor. From the icebox you then go to the bunker, characterized by thick reinforced concrete walls, and then you get to the center of the new architecture. The open kitchen joins the green courtyard. Going out there is a panoramic space on the vineyards, on which the dehors elegantly develops. The interiors of “La Ghiacciaia” are the result of a careful choice of geometries and materials, in line with the DNA of this place; the result is a space so refined in detail that it produces a thousand aesthetic references that enrich the interior and exterior of the restaurant with elegance.


MAO Architects; Erich Milanese

Mauro Teso

Marco Zanta

Pederobba (TV), Italy

Year of completion

Total area
800 m2

Site area
10.000 m2

Project Partners

Gruppo Cecchin Costruzioni Edili, La Maggiò Engineering & Construction, Venice Green, Mapei S.p.A., Arredamenti Mario Moretti & Figli S.r.l., Ideal Work S.r.l., Essepi Impianti S.r.l., Callegari Natalino Termoidraulica S.r.l.

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