Casa K by Alessandro Bulletti Architetti; Italy

The house is located on a hillside characterized by the presence of numerous secular olive trees and a magnificent view to the south, in the direction of the city of Perugia. The two floors of the house solve the existing height difference between the private access road and the large lower lawn, the only horizontal area in the property.

Uphill, the house looks like a low volume and thus establishes a better relationship with the small scale of the place, characterized by the presence of the small existing agricultural building, considered element of great importance also in the new settlement layout.
Downhill, however, the house is manifested by the double height loggia open on the big lawn toward the swimming pool located at the southern end of the property.

The entrance to the house takes place through the small loggia, defined by the long pitched copper roof which is lowered in the vicinity of the pedestrian access road being inserted between two existing olive trees, without altering the scale of the place. The house, completely covered in local sandstone, is mostly closed to the north against the wind, and opens to the south with large windows through which you establish relationships with the most significant aspects of the landscape near and far.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
The project takes shape from the place, while maintaining an autonomous character. The house generates a serene atmosphere, ideal for living in harmony with the natural environment.

Text provided by the architects.


Alessandro Bulletti Architetti; Alessandro Bulletti, Giovanna Bignami

Year of completion

Perugia, Italy

Total area: 250 m2
Site area: 15.400 m2

Alessandro Bulletti, Alessandra Chemollo

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