KVANT Spectrum / Atom

Kvant ATOM / SPECTRUM is a professional laser display device. It set new benchmarks and bring new materials and design to the market. Attractive design and robust construction were developed in cooperation with the Slovak Academy of Sciences. The Spectrum is made of foaming aluminium, which has never been used in laser device fields. The advantage of this material is the lower weight, easy recyclability, high rigidity, shock absorption, damping of noise, vibration, electromagnetic waves, temperature resistance and it allows to create different styling in this industry. All of these innovations are reflected in the exterior styling. The centre of the design is a window with a laser – it highlights the main functional part of the device. Surfaces, colours and frames were designed to visually reduce the size of the object and increase the durability and visual lightness of the device. The stainless steel handle is insulated with a rubberized inner part to increase comfort.


WERKEMOTION; Miloslav Melicharek, Bystrik Micek, Simon Kozicka

KVANT spol. s.r.o.

Year of production

Adam Sakovy for WERKEMOTION

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