KUKUNARI one line

KUKUNARI is the greek word for pine cone. Parametric wooden lamps based on a code that allows many design outcomes. Why lamps? Because pinecone represents the human enlightment, the pineal gland, called the third eye, linked to body`s perception of light. KUKUNARI one line is the second collection of KUKUNARI wooden lamps. It is a combination of wooden lamps and steel components that have the ability to transform KUKUNARI to table lamp, floor lamp or suspension lamp. Based on the one line design method, where a delicate steel pipe forms a continuous structural system that embeds the electrical equipment to be part of the design. Each KUKUNARI is unique, fabricated with care at the designer’s lab and comes with an engraved serial number.


Iro Skouloudi, Greece

Iro Skouloudi, Greece

Year of production

Iro Skouloudi, Greece


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