Koho – a modern set of wooden spoons

Traditionally, wooden spoons have been designed to work well with round dishes. Nowadays, most dishes are cylindrical and have a flat bottom. It’s very hard to efficiently stir food using traditional wooden spoons. As a consequence, the food is often overheated, if not burnt, which makes it lose its nutritional value. You can’t efficiently and easily wipe the sides of the pot when cooking or serving food using a traditional wooden spoon.

When designing the wooden spoon of tomorrow, the designer started by asking himself how a Neanderthal would design it if they had access to the modern pots and all the modern wood processing tools. The design of the Koho is unconcerned with the way a traditional spoon should look or work like. It fully fulfills all the needs of a modern chef and makes use of the benefits of modern pots with a flat bottom and cylindrical sides. Modern wood processing techniques we use to produce Koho ensure high energetical efficiency and low CO2 emissions.

Koho represents a new shape of a wooden spoon. It’s adjusted to work well with the pots of our time.
• Flat edges help you scrape food from the sides of a pot with one simple gesture.
• With a flat and wide lower end of the wooden spoon, you can scrape the food from the bottom of the pot fast and easily. That way the food preserves its full taste and nutritional value and is prevented from overheating or burning.
• The beaked skewer that resembles Ljubljana’s dragon is a detail that inspires the chef with its playful character and versatile usability.
• Koho enables different cooking techniques. Stick it, hook it, wedge it in or grab a spaghetti.

Koho is sustainable.
• To make one set (with 3 utensils) we use less raw materials than you’d normally use for one traditional wooden spoon of the similar size.
• 80% less waste is generated to produce one Koho set in comparison with a traditional wooden spoon.
• The laser cut of the wood creates a Shou sugi ban protection at the most vulnerable places. It’s a Japanese technique that protects the wood from moisture by burning the surface. It significantly increases the spoon’s lifespan.
• Koho only use the most high-quality walnut, oak, and beech woods which increases the lifespan of the product.
• The volume of the set and the packaging is very small which makes the storage and shipping more sustainable.


Gašper Premože, Slovenia

Gašper Premože, Slovenia

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