Kinderkrippe Pusteblume

Due to the high need for care in the city of Trofaiach, the municipality, in cooperation with the federal real estate company BIG, placed an order for a new crèche in mid-2021. Since autumn 2022, up to 28 children have been cared for full-time in the new “Pusteblume” crèche in Koloniegasse. In little more than a year, a new building was planned and built, which not only offers high-quality space for individual child development and development but also impresses with its sustainable, contemporary overall concept. In addition to the new premises, the building, which was built entirely in solid wood except for the foundation slab, also uses existing premises in the neighboring building and fills an empty wasteland in an urban area in a meaningful and densified way.


Alexander Gurmann Architekten

Main contractor for wood construction
Strobl Holzbau Weiz

Gemeinde Trofaiach

Year of completion

Trofaiach, Austria

Total area
560 m2

Alex Krischner

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