Kapas 2, Budapest

The Kapás21 Apartment building, with its 98 modern apartments of various designs is one of the most sought-after development of the popular housing destinations in Buda.
The building will create order between the multi-coloured buildings of different heights on the adjacent plots. The lower 5 levels uniform block gives peace, and its restrained mobility gives the playfulness. Building is designed for the comfort of the residents, smart-homes, underground garage, modern cooling and heating system, exclusive top-quality materials.
Each apartment is also a smart home, and the apartments with an unparalleled panorama are equipped with ceiling cooling-heating system, so the building gets the AA + energy rating.


FBIS architects; Gergely Fernezelyi

Cordia Real Estate Development Company

Year of completion

Budapest, Hungary

Zsolt Batár, András Dimény

Project Partners

s39 Hybrid Design

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