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The bridge connects pedestrian and cyclist trails situated along both banks of the River Nitra in a city of the same name. Due to local constraints the bridge structure with a very slender deck was required. Also, any load-bearing members, such as pylons and cables, situated beyond the sidewalks were not allowed. Therefore, an economical tied arch structure, which represents a most logical solution, has been chosen. To allow an un-disturbing view on a historic city centre, the rise of the arches is as small as possible. To open the space and to invite using the bridge, the deck is suspended on outwardly inclined arch ribs. In this way the river bridging received a modern, dynamic appearance. The bridge deck is in a crest curve with a maximum longitudinal slope of 5.0%. The span length is 49.50 m, the free width between the railings is 4.00 m. Since the arch ribs and deck are fixed into the abutments, the bridge forms an economic integral structural system. The steel structure is painted white, the walking surface is illuminated by LED lights situated in the hand rails. Both, the arches and edge girders are illuminated by LED lights situated at their bottom flanges.


Stráský, Hustý a partneři s. r. o.; Jiri Strasky

City of Nitra, Slovakia

Year of completion

Nitra, Slovakia

Total area
248,4 m2

Site area
248,4 m2

Matus Nedecky, Michal Vénos

Project Partners

Co-author: Vojtech Varga, NOPS; Contractor: STRABAG s.r.o., oblasť Západ, Bratislava, Martin Martinák;  Sub-contractor: NOPS, Nitra, Slovakia, Juraj Polák

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