ITBinder Bürogebäude

The office building planned by Schafler Architecture impresses with its clarity and transparency in the internal functional processes. This finds its external expression in the depth effect of the street-side glazed and austere facade structure, which was designed as a visual and light filter for the (computer) workstations behind it. Passers-by are granted a glimpse of an open and modern office landscape between the protruding concrete slats. Anthracite gray tones harmoniously blend the architecture into the surroundings.


Schafler Architektur; Reinhard Schafler

ITBinder GmbH

Year of completion

Hirnsdorf, Austria

Total area
450 m2

Site area
6.000 m2

Croce & WIR

Project Partners

Kulmer Bau GmbH, Kulmer,  Sajowitz Dach,  Metallbau Hirt GmbH, EGGERGLAS GmbH, Heizung Sanitär Zach GmbH, Trockenbau Schweighofer GmbH, Thomas Schweighofer

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