Experience shapes your identity. This is the motto I built a home with. As an unconventional alternative of living, my Insta-worthy experience is a travel and out-there living with no pre-determined destination; a self-explanatory journey that makes life restricted to the basic, including that invaluable lesson about getting to know people with different backgrounds.


With this project I pursue not only the culture of caravanning, but a taste of stargazing between a childhood dream and a memorable occurrence with myself through nature and through other people. I encourage the use of natural factors in emphasizing the personal experience. Through connecting people we can bring history down to a human scale and this is how we describe ourselves, rather than using basic characteristics.

Author of the project: Florin Manca
Investor/Owner: Florin Manca 
Year of completion: 2019
Location: Vama Veche, Constanta County, Romania