Intelligent Traffic Management Centre – Al Barsha

Dubai Intelligent Traffic Management Centre was the first venue of its kind to manage traffic operations under a bright dome. It is an iconic organic structure that conveys the feeling of protection and control. Given the name “Cocoon”, the operations room shell structure would house a flexible functional and aesthetics space, and the L-shape support facilities encloses the shell in a solid facade as protection. Furthermore, part of the sustainable approach to the design is that the majority of glazing faces North which allows daylight not sunlight, to penetrate the habitable space. Moreover, the skylights are placed at a specific angle so that the glazing faces North while the reverse side allows solar panels to be attached.



Roads & Transport Authority – Dubai

Year of completion

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Total area
7.106,58 m2

Site area
10.508 m2

RTA Marketing Team

Project Partners

Consultant: Parsons Overseas Limited (Dubai Branch), Contractor: Binladin Contracting Group

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