Hempiric lamps

HEMPIRIC is a contemporary answer to the need for efficient interior lighting. The familiar industrial aesthetic hides an innovative solution: the use of hempcrete, a biocomposite which was itself born in the context of an increasingly pressing need for change in the way we approach resources. Made of the inner woody core of the hemp – a plant with exceptional technical qualities – mixed with a lime-based binder, the hempcrete is a robust and versatile material. A sustainable solution with a negative carbon footprint, adapted to the present times. HEMPIRIC is an eco-friendly visual manifesto expressed in two versions, a suspended lamp with metallic details and textile hemp fibers, and a desk lamp inspired by the old oil lamp, with metal and glass elements.
The intelligent use of natural resources has become the main concern in industrial design over the past years, and for a good reason. The project offers an innovative, aesthetic and practical interior lighting solution, while also respecting the environment in the context of rising concern towards the exploit of our limited planet’s resources. Hempcrete is an environmentally sustainable material increasingly used in constructions and interior design for its robust quality and extremely low impact on the environment.


Agnes Lukacs, Romania

Agnes Lukacs Studio, Romania

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