Hulasol sun umbrella

Solspiration and Nomad Concept architects join forces and design a sun umbrella for any outdoor space that turns into a mood lamp by night, easily controlled by a smartphone according to the ambiance one wishes to create. The round shape was our starting point, referring to the organic shapes you find in nature. We wanted to create a sleek minimalistic design. The double canopy has both an aesthetic and aerodynamic function. It’s protecting against harmful UV-rays. The Hulasol has a remarkable, patented closing mechanism inspired by nature. In 2022 Hulasol won the “Best of the Best” Red dot design award, it is awarded for groundbreaking design and is the highest award in the competition. We chose for highly qualitative polyester textile, mainly used in marine environments. It’s scoring very high on the UV resistance scale but at the same time it’s very translucent creating a diffuse light by night. The lamp is powered by cable or lithium-ion battery pack (guaranteeing an autonomy of 5 h). The lamp is controllable via smartphone (Bluetooth), allowing users to turn on/off the light with and to create certain time routines.


Solspiration and Nomad Concept architects, Belgium

Solspiration, Belgium

Year of production

Kollectiv Negativ

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