Housing For Refugees And Displaced Persons

Regional Housing Programme (RHP) represents common initiative by Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia. The goal of the Programme is to make a comprehensive contribution to solving the problem of long-term displacement of the most vulnerable refugees and displaced persons, which arose after the conflict on the territory of the former Yugoslavia in the period from 1991. to 1995., including internally displaced persons in Montenegro since 1999., providing them with durable and sustainable housing solutions. City of Loznica is one of the nine cities which is provided for social housing building construction in the fifth RHP wave. The building contains a total of 60 housing units, in accordance with the Terms of Reference and the required structure of housing units. Building GROSS area is 3.439, 29 sqm, NET area is 2.868, 18 sqm, while plot area is 1.839, 00 sqm. Building volume measures 47 x 15 x 16 m (lxwxh).


1X2STUDIO; Zoran Abadić, Jelena Bogosavljević

City Of Loznica

Year of completion

Loznica, Republic Of Serbia

Total area
2.868 m2

Site area
1.839 m2

Zoran Abadić

Project Partners

Commissariat for Refugees and Migration of the Republic of Serbia, UNHCR – the UN Refugee Agency, OSCE, CEB, Public Sector Projects Implementation Unit
Ltd. Belgrade

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