House PET

A building that is organized on several levels, which are formulated as split levels with small differences in height. The house thus fits perfectly into the surrounding typography. It looks closed to the road, while it opens generously to the south and west. Once you arrive, it feels as if you have reached a secret refuge, which, although close to the city, feels far from it. The materials used brick, wood, concrete and glass are used honestly and remain unpackaged. Combining material with the main actor landscape creates raw, simple and moving beauty.


Spado architects

Year of completion

Klagenfurt, Austria

Total area
282 m2

Site area
1.878 m2

Kurt Kuball

Stage 180°

Project Partners

Specialist planner: Statics: Oberressl & Kantz; Building physics: Start Your Engineers – Kastner ZT-GmbH; Light planner: XAL GmbH; Executing companies: Construction company: SSB Bau GmbH; Roofer, plumber: Kandussi Dach; Locksmith metal doors: Metallbau Selinger GmbH; Electrical installations: we.connect; Heating: Sanitary: Egger Installationen; Floor: Schatzböden GmbH; Coating Pandomo: die purpurroten Malermeister; Windows, sun protection, interior doors: Josko – Fensterprofi GK Tischler; Pool, pool technology: 3Tech GmbH; Garage doors: TOR-Mann Vertriebs- und Montage GmbH

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