House Franco, Omiš

Traditional stone house renovated as a five-star holiday home in the historic centre of Omiš, Croatia. The values of three generations within the family of our clients have determined the aesthetics of this house: local, hardworking, hedonistic and honest. The project gave my studio the opportunity to adopt humility in communication and develop our design based on empathy with their family values. We designed a range of furniture for the house, representing our imaginary future local living. Learning from the traditional craftsmanship and local materials of the highest quality, we developed reduced forms in accordance with simple local life today. Ceramic artist Lidia Boševski made site-specific artworks throughout the house inspired by rough surfaces found in nature, using a traditional process of heating clay for 3 days in wood-based furnace. Visual artist Silvio Vujičić experiments with textile production methods for years, so one of his signature designs was used for curtains. An innovation we developed was that Silvio’s textiles were laminated between two glass panels, making translucent glass walls that we used to bring ambient light into bathrooms.


Kancelarija za arhitekturu; Mario Furčić


Year of completion

Omiš, Croatia

Total area
150 m2

Damir Žižić, Darko Škrobonja

Project Partners

Bokart, Breza, Studio Botanike, Trika, Prostoria

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