House by the pond, South Bohemian Region

On the very end of a small village in the South Bohemia region, in the area intertwined by the well known south bohemian ponds, there grew mini house serving as a hideaway from the busy city life. The concept of the house comes from the classic rural archetype. The added cube pragmatically completes the mass of the house with the gable roof. This joining of the two volumes comes from the internal disposition, is therefore evident from the interior as well. The house situated within proximity to the pond allows direct contact with the exterior thanks to the full glazing of the front face. The outdoor scenery changing with every minute is the dominant interior motive and creates unique atmospheres.


Boq architekti


Year of completion

South Bohemian Region, Czech Republic

Total area
50 m2

Tomas Dittrich

Project Partners

andscape architect

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