House B

The aim was to design a vacation and weekend home for a large family. The property overlooks an imposing mountain massif, whose steep rocky outcrop was the client’s first climbing adventure. The view of the mountain was therefore something of a leitmotif in the design. On the other hand, if you look southwest from the property, your gaze wanders into the distance. This duality – the mountain on the one hand and the expanse on the other, plus the south-facing slope of the plot – also determined the particular shape of the floor plan. It begins with an elongated structure that faces south. At a certain point, the building divides, with one part facing the mountain and the other into the distance. This results in exciting spatial situations that also create niches and sheltered corners in the outdoor space. It is a reference to nature, a ramification, organic and technical at the same timeA simple pitched roof was placed over the entire floor plan, like all the buildings in the area. The eaves of the roof loosely follow the ground plan of the building, sometimes rising, then falling again.


Christian Schwienbacher


Year of completion

Castelrotto, Italy

Total area
270 m2

Site area
3.000 m2

Jürgen Eheim

Project Partners

Christian Schwienbacher, Luca Bragagna, Troi und Schenk; Dieter Schenk, Oberegger GmbH; Klaus Oberegger, Oberegger GmbH; Matthias Mairamtinkhof, Hydrauliker Pezzei; Ossi Pezzei, Electrofaller; Alfred Faller, Harald Faller, Wolf Fenster; Markus Widmann, Rubner; Herbert Bacher, Meistermaler; Michael Steger, Hofer Group Plan; Ivo Insam

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