Hotel goldener Adler

The existing building has been carefully restored, and new structures have been purposefully placed. The building’s roof is complemented by a line shaped into height, integrating terraces and creating lightness and special situations through movement and bends in the roof shape. The corner facade, parallel to the river and the Adlerbrückengasse, frames the quarter and establishes its language. This is complemented by five new bay windows in continuity with the two existing ones. A reference to history is found in copper engravings from 1670, which add rhythm, contrast, and play with proportion, materiality, and shadow effects to the facade. This integrates with history and creates timeless architecture.

In the interior, there is an opening up of existing axes, open spaces, and creation of new pathways and connections. In the inner courtyard, a new trapezoidal building rests on a pillar, tapering upwards by three stories. It is positioned between existing structures, utilizing distances and notches in the volume. The project aims for flowing transitions between history and the present, embracing the existing while setting new impulses through targeted measures and architectural interventions. It seeks to establish balances that influence the environment positively.


bergmeisterwolf; Michaela Wolf, Gerd Bergmeister

Year of completion

Bressanone, Italy

Total area
924,29 m2

Site area
770,99 m2

Gustav Willeit

Project Partners

Structural works designer and director, safety manager: studio exact; Stefano Villotti
Electrical, radio and television and fire detection and alarm systems: vonlutz studio; Andreas Von Lutz
Water-sanitary-heating/cooling-ventilation: Troi & Schenk studio; Dieter Schenk
Fire prevention designer: Troi & Schenk studio; Karlheinz Troi
Natural hazards manager: Alpinplan Pichler & Toetsch studio; Stephan Pichler
Geologist: Jesacher & Tranquilini firm; Michael Jesacher
Operational assistance: Obkirker studio; Wolfgang Obkirker
Project management and accounting: Michaeler & Partner GmbH

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