Hellinikon apartment building concept design, Athens

April 19, 2021|Architecture|

The aim of the project is to transform a former industrial building into a residential apartment building, with the aesthetic and functional features of current modern homes. The building in its current condition has an appearance of something between an industrial and office building that lacks the character and elegance that a residential edifice requires. The final result, that follows a contemporary style with references to features of the existing building, aspires to be an attractive dwelling complex that will serve its users through its well thought out design. In order to form the building with its new residential use various interventions were proposed regarding the interior, exterior and structural elements of the building.


3ΝΚ Engineers & Architects; Evi Stylianidi

Civil Engineer – Int. Designer
Valia Gatsiou, Architect; Effie Asimaki

Year of completion

Athens, Greece

Total area
2.500 m2

3ΝΚ Engineers & Architects

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