H_34 Apartments Building in Voula

H_34 was built in Athens, on a site of 713,40 m2, 80m away from the shoreline. The building’s architecture is influenced from Asian architecture and was formed, taking into consideration the requirements of the designing targets, the financial and energy efficiency. H_34 consists of four apartments, a roof garden, two private swimming pools, a garden and an underground parking. It develops in seven levels and has no vertical or horizontal axe of symmetry. The four apartments have an open view towards the sea. Only the living room in the ground floor which has views towards the swimming pool and the garden. The way the four apartments are shaped vertically, they form big covered decks that offer panoramic views and intensify the symmetry and the rhythm of the elevations. Our designing purpose was for the building to have sculptural qualities as well as to give the impression of a light construction.
Other architectural elements are the very thin metal rods, the hollows and the aligned vertical peaks towards the length of the slabs that offer sufficient shadow and protection towards the North. Finally, H_34 has a low energy footprint and is classified as A+grade building.


314 architecture studio

Project Architect
Pavlos Chatziangelidis, Giota Chala

Architecture team
Pavlos Chatziangelidis, Giota Chala, Tzanina Alexandri, Eve Apodiakou, Daphne Gerodimou, Eleni Zigoginni, Maria Kaliora, Irene Bouliou, Dimitris Panagiotou, Friny Papadopoulou, Antonis Sarris, Anna Stagkaki, Christopher Spyrakos, Antrianna Triantafilopoulou, Eleftheria Fatsea, Francesco Castaldi Cuppari, Rossi Greco, Davide Cinnerella, Gorkem Peynirci

Home Concept – G. Gioltzoglou Ltd

Voumvakis Architectural Photography

Year of completion

Voula, Athens, Greece

Total area
599,042 m2

Project Partners

Home Concept – G. Gioltzoglou Ltd., Lemonakis Home, Ikea, Light Plus, Ergofos, Sika, Ergodomisi, Alumil, Automation Home, Mesogeiako Topio, Vechro colour

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