“Heaps” vase by Greece is for Lovers for Sandhelden: When sand 3d printing experts Sandhelden approached us to develop a design concept using their binder jetting technology*, the connection to the beach and the sea was inevitable. Having cut our teeth on the soft shores found in abundance in the Mediterranean and particularly our home country, we set out to design a flower vase that encompasses just that; sand as an integral element of our upbringing. Sand is a carrier of memories as it is familiar and soothing. It is a nostalgic capsule of a material that contains compressed experiences of long summers and body memories of sensuality and tactility. Sand is also dynamic, creating transient forms which convey the temporary-everything shifts with time. Its elegant flow inspired us to opt for an organic, flowing shape. Heaps is a modular vase that consists of four corner parts. Each element can stand as an individual vase and resembles the way sand is piled in corners when swept by the wind. When the individual quarters are assembled into a quartet, they form a loose – shaped pyramid, or a playful heap of sand or dune as if the material was poured from above.


Greece is for Lovers; Thanos Karampatsos & Christina Kotsilelou, Greece

Sandhelden GmbH & Co. KG, Deutschland

Year of production

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