Green Islands

The site forms part of an extensive stormwater culvert network spanning the island. Previously abandoned, it now plays a pivotal role in a bustling area for vehicles, transport, and pedestrians. Situated amidst industrial and residential zones, it lies close to the village center, addressing health and infrastructural needs, revitalizing a valley, and introducing human-scale spaces to Qormi’s transport hub.

“Green islands” now blanket the culvert, providing spaces for various activities. A tree-lined track and secluded enclaves adorned with lush vegetation cater to both solitude and social interaction. Pedestrian-friendly paths encourage varied speeds, fostering a vibrant, green experience. Linked by bridges over the culvert, these enclaves feature vibrant foliage and colorful creepers, delineating enclosures and open spaces. Concrete elements serve as navigational aids within this transformed corridor. These enclaves, connected by the jogging track and bridged across the culvert, showcase vibrant foliage, defining both enclosed areas and open spaces. Concrete elements serve as guideposts along this expansive linear landscape, enriching the overall journey through this urban corridor.


Design & Technical Resources

WasteServ Malta

Year of completion

Qormi, Malta

Total area
3.500 m2

Site area
3.500 m2

Daniel Mifsud Photography

Project Partners

Lead contractor: V&C group

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