Green house kindergarten, Skopje

Green House Kindergarten is a complex located in Skopje’s Central Park, consisted of two buildings, a restaurant and a kitchen, a sports hall, open and green playgrounds, mobile swimming pools, a garden and a parking lot. It is owner designed, constructed and operated business. The vicinity of the city’s greenhouses and the idea of creating an eco-friendly community were the foundations for the kindergarten’s name and curriculum. The change of use of the buildings ended up in adapting and transforming them for the needs of a future kindergarten. The project presented is for the second building. The floor plan was completely reorganized. Spacious, voluminous and bright classrooms were created, and a big central hall with a multipurpose platform, deliberately made clinically white ready to absorb colors from the kids, their works of art, activities and projects (building up a galaxy, an imagined city, an ice ring for the winter Olympics, a cinema, a performing stage…). The potential and the possible transformations of this space is part of the everyday excitement. Each (class)room has its own floor color as a part of the group’s identity, but what merges the separate spaces in a whole, is the wooden furniture.


Margarita Popovska

Year of production

Skopje, Macedonia

Andrijana Tilic

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