Grande Armée – l1ve

The restructuring project makes it possible to reinforce a strong architectural gesture – this is the basic idea behind the renovation of the late-modern Peugeot headquarters near the Arc de Triomphe. The Grande Armée – l1ve project offers the central Parisian urban space an exciting 110-meter-long facade.

Its existing concrete structure forms the backdrop for an energy-optimised window system. Rhythm, plasticity, and self-imposed order combine to create a strong physiognomy. But the project with 33.434 m2 GFA achieves more: simple materials, neutral utilisation of space and the acceptance of the architecture stand for the longevity of the building. Flexible office structures and generous open spaces combine to create a working environment that harmonises with the attractive greenery. The project also shows that refurbishing the existing building saves valuable resources. A total of 5.615 tones of building fabric was removed and 92 percent was recycled.


Baumschlager Eberle Architekten


Year of completion

Paris, France

Total area
33.434 m2

Site area
6.946 m2

Cyrille Weiner

Project Partners

Eifagge construction; Abdenbi Mestour

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