Freesbee, Houseplant container

Freesbee is a contemporary, innovative houseplant container. This innovative container uses a few thousand years old principles of “passive irrigation” – the transmission of water through the pores of its clay core – and as a result, the water level is always just right. Freesbee promotes good design, well-being through the use of plants, and the genius of natural materials. The final design was co-created through a process that included the input of several thousand passionate indoor plant growers. The product consists of a glazed round bowl, to which a smaller voided nonglazed cone is attached in the middle. The difference in glazing doesn’t serve only as a visual distinction but also serves a purpose – glazed element provides a water-tight outer membrane, and the inner unglazed element, allows the water to seep from the inside of the cone to the soil outside it. To achieve a thinner and lighter looking bowl the edges of the pot are lifted, making it look like it’s floating. To create a more versatile pot that allows plant lovers to use their space well our flying garden comes in three versions – hanging, standing and table. The product was awarded with Oblikovanje leta 2022 and Green Award nominee 2023.


Raketa; Katjuša Kranjc, Rok Kuhar


Year of production

Aljoša Rebolj

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