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Information columns for local bus lines, designed as a brand-new product, are part of the broader reorganisation of public transport in the city of Šibenik. The columns use the low-energy architecture of e-paper technology, consume minimal energy and avoid additional light pollution. Their height is adjusted to the user, they are safe and user-friendly. Being mindful of the delicate and visually demanding positions for column installation, we chose a recognisable friendly form and the smallest possible size, in response to the urban chaos that surrounds them.
The process of designing a utilitarian object that was supposed to make headway in this area of design, resulted in a product that pushes the envelope. It includes unexpected elements – ornaments from the ceramic vessels of the Danilo Culture (5500 – 4900 BC). The graphic elements represent a new visual interpretation of unique geometric decorations that are hereby removed from the museum and displayed in public space. With the choice of materials and new technologies, the information columns became part of the brand framework of Šibenik – as the green innovative city of mindful design.


Ante Filipović Grčić, Croatia

Hrvatski Telekom d.d., Croatia

Year of production

Mobilisis d.o.o.; Mirsad Mešinović

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