Smart helmet

Our job was mainly focused on the design and the production of the helmet. Our goal was to adopt all features needed to pass all tests for the helmet certification ECE 22.05 and raise the standards of motorcycle helmet design. Our design process was complicated and not like any other we have done before. In the industrial design of the helmet, we had to focus on specifics like the study of the carbon shell, for example, soft fabrics of interior and exterior segments of the helmet. We had to direct all our attention towards researching and working with an engineer to make different conclusions on everything: the thickness of the shell, plastics, and the use of heat-resistant and fire-resistant materials. Furthermore, we worked out the positioning, ergonomics, and smooth surfaces to reduce air resistance by giving the helmet its specific shape. Because of today’s high demands for high-quality design, we aimed to join ergonomics with aesthetic perfection. In the early stages of our product design, we realised that one of today’s most popular trends is a design that gives an illusion of depth and dimension. T combines the two, bringing them together in 3D as a physical part of the helmet. The resulting shapes are not only elegant but also reflect robustness and durability- qualities that every rider will appreciate no matter their style. This smart helmet design is equipped with many appealing features, such as 4K HD resolution front and rear cameras, capable of recording a 360-degree panorama and offering augmented reality. A new helmet visor with a photochromic lens will fundamentally expand your line of sight. We carefully integrated a built-in headset with a microphone, giving the user the ability to make or receive phone calls, listen to their favorite music, or follow the GPS navigation indications. The intelligent helmet is made out of durable materials, such as enduring carbon fibers, Kevlar, and dependable glass fibers. On the rear side of the external shell, there are also a brake light indicator and a motherboard with advanced network connectivity capabilities (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, storage, sensor measurements, etc.) Our industrial design of the helmet features unique air vents that will make it almost impossible for the user to break a sweat riding even on the hottest summer day. It is perfect for hitting the road in the sun, rain, daytime, or nighttime. And it won’t just protect the user’s head. It will also keep them comfortable, energized, and, thanks to the 6-hour battery life, will let them drive long distances. . With our industrial design of the helmet, you won’t go unnoticed. We used our technical design knowledge from different fields and directed it into something new and exciting. The intelligent helmet gave us the perfect opportunity to combine our interests and technical design capabilities and create a very practical and safe helmet able to satisfy the demands of every speed enthusiast.


Kreatif Design; Andrej Kregar

Intelligent Cranium Helmets

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