Flonq Plus E

Flonq Plus E vaping device was developed by Alfabet Labs to provide not only aesthetics but also safety and environmentally friendly features. The device’s design was inspired by the Steinway Tower, a razor-sharp skyscraper in New York, representing a powerful combination of expression and technical invention. Flonq Plus E was intentionally engineered for recycling to contribute to environmental preservation. The e-cigarette can be easily disassembled into components, including the battery and plastic parts, allowing each piece to be recycled separately. The vaping device is made of PCTG plastic that doesn’t emit toxins when heated and is designed with a hidden child lock system to prevent accidental usage by minors. Additionally, the silicone mouthpiece cover prevents leakage, extends the device’s usage time, and keeps the vaporizer clean.


Vladimir Parygin

Alfabet Labs

Year of production

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