Floating realities, Geneva

The spaces in ORIGIN are about the progression towards a very interiorized experience, through colours, materials, living beings (plants) that accompany the experience of floating naked on a highly salted water pod. What has been proposed is a series of colours that wrap and unfold everything they encounter, opening the book of a space that proposes an insular pause, outside of everything but in a strong interiority. The progression attempts to fluidly sequence the steps of the user, taking her inside, from a sort of unreal, bi-dimensional image – the show window, or Jeff Wall’s light boxes – to the extreme intimacy of the water pod. Curtains, rails, vertical lines, horizontals surfaces, shelves, long chairs, more lines, tile grid as a guiding measure. All of it contributing to a strong subjectivity of perceptive frames that are altered by other patches of colors, space- holders.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
A project about floating, mentally and bodily experiencing a certain state of suspension, in a rather safe space, where the outside is imaginary, evoked, lived uniquely through imagery. From a very interiorized experience one is thrown outside, travelling in and out. Obviously, this was not the brief, but a poetic take on it, on how to create a world from which one can rest and imagine, evocative, abstract yet somewhat graspable. When one closes the eyes, the light that has been absorbed, lived, transforms into colors, flashes of that connect with undefined sensations. Connecting realities, perceived in the space but also, most of them, outside of it.


BUREAU architectural office; Daniel Zamarbide, Carine Pimenta, Galliane Zamarbide


Year of completion

Geneva, Switzerland

Total area
190 m2

Dylan Perrenoud

Project Partners

CR Cerâmicas

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