The BIG SEE Design Awards honour the best projects  as well as the people behind them.
For extensive, tailor-made exposure of your project you are strongly advised to choose among the following winners services:

– Web profile (200 €/year) more
Mini interview (200 €/year) more

– Social Media Campaigns (from 150 €) more

– Exhibition Units – two days (from 150 €) more
– Exhibition billboard 100×100 cm (80 €/piece)
– Video interview – BigSEE Talks (100 €) more

– BigSEE Trophy, postage included (70 €) more

For questions and remarks, please feel free to contact us here.



Web profile

Winners have a privilege to expose themselves by means of their thoughts, ideas and BigSEE awards advertised on our website channel. When the profile is activated, it serves for the duration of one’s career. Web profile enables an enriched insight into creative production of awarded company/studio.

It renders possible website highlights by:
– extended description of the company/studio and its references (awards, lectures, exhibitions, publications), contact details and facts
– enable all kind of editorial and sponsored social media campaigns
– link with image company/studio on all its BigSEE winning projects
– expose projects in a randomly featured Winning projects section on the front page
– presence in Community section – presenting the uniqueness of the SEE region
– possible inclusion of other contents (BigSEE talks, interviews, video clips)
presentation of up to 10 most referential projects
Instagram section integrated
– exposure of the profile in a randomly featured Winners profiles section on the front page
profile update; description, contacts etc. – ongoing
references update; awards, lectures, exhibitions, publications – once per year
projects update; up to 10 new / best projects that represent the excellence of the studio – once per year

Sample here →

200 €/year  order here

*Note: Web profile is payable yearly.


Web profile with references, BigSEE winning projects, other featured projects,  Instagram section


The award winners have the privilege to in-depth explain the background of the winning project, expose themselves by means of presenting their thoughts, ideas, driving force, and vision.

It renders possible website highlights by:
– extended in-depth explanation of the background of the winning project with a personal touch
– enable all kinds of editorial and sponsored social media campaigns
– link with all studio’s BIG SEE winning projects
– link with the studio’s profile
– expose the authors on the bigsee front page

Online mini interview

Social Media Campaigns

BigSEE Social media channels enable award winners to be promoted through our network with more than 18.000 social-media followers on Facebook and Instagram. Our bespoke posts offer a comprehensive insight into your company by specifying your awarded project. It is a great opportunity to sponsor a post and reach your specific target group in a specific country. This option is only available in combination with web profile booking.

Every post consists of one Facebook & one Instagram post.
A: 1 post on Facebook & Instagram, 150 € (reach 9.000-18.000)
B: 1 sponsored post on Facebook & Instagram, 300 € (reach 19.800-57.000) 
C: 1 sponsored post on Facebook & Instagram, 600 € (reach 36.000-102.000)
order here

Campaign will start in 5 working days after receiving payment and materials.
Feel free to contact us for more information about additional custom-made social promotion which is based on defined target groups, countries, reach and frequency of posts.

Facebook post

Instagram post


Exhibition Units, October 6-7, 2022

Proactive way of communication among the exhibitors and visitors through a clear and uniform concept of the stands.
By taking advantage of using a winner’s exhibition unit, your studio/company shall get an extra exposure at the BIG SEE Design Business Festival. It’s a great opportunity to gain visibility among participants.
October 6: All day project presentations and evening award ceremony
October 7: Evening Event Eat and Drink Design

Exhibition Unit A


  • Exhibition object (250 x 125 x 250 cm)
  • Architecture Show
  • Architecture 180˚ (3 min on stage trend presentation)
  • Novelty presentation on web (1-3 photos, 500 characters)
  • Exhibitor’s logo on e-invitations, website, and all event displays
  • 20 VIP daily tickets

BIG SEE Grand Prix Award Ceremony

  • Mention at the awards giving ceremony 
  • Video presentation at the event displays (up to 5 seconds)
  • Logo inclusion in the main stage’s video presentation
  • Logo placement on the main stage’s panel
  • 2 VIP invitations 

Project partner price: 4.800
Regular price: 6.000 €

Exhibition Corner 125 x 125 x 250 cm
Two chairs and a table (Cardboard boxes) included.
Walls allow up to 4 billboards/posters in size 100 x 100cm to attach (fastening with pins only).

500 €  order here

Video interview – BigSEE Talks, October 6, 2022

By taking part in the BigSEE Talks, you shall be given an opportunity to present yourself by answering various questions which are either formulated by an interviewer or you. The interview duration is maximum 3 minutes.
The video interview shall increase your web profile exposure and social media campaigns. Every video will be published on youtube channel and on the website.

100 € order here

BigSEE Talks interview for online promotion


BigSEE Trophy

It is an option for those winners who do not visit the Month of Design Festival to collect the award. Postage included.
70 € order here


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