EDI, Innsbruck

Searching for a usefull, budget suitable and modificate place for a private kids chreche in Innsbruck we found many strange places. Inbetween an industrial area at Eduard Bodem Gasse, where many workplaces and factories are located is EDI – a beneficial different place for kids from 1-3 years. EDI is creating with little and simple means an atmospheric space for childcare, as well for kids with a little handicap or the need of special care. Room seperations are created with furnitureelements which give the oportunity of experience. Translucent polycarbontatwalls create interesting views and produce light shades in the inner rooms. Simple but natural elements tell stories – honest stories of their production. The concept of EDI ist simple: give kids a valuable joyfull space at an area, where the workplace of the parents is not far away. There is no long tranport trip into busytowncenter – kids are in the industrial production area of aduls workplaces – just in their own, valueable little paradise – EDI!


Studio Lois

Verein Hoffnung für Kinder

Year of completion

Innsbruck, Austria

Total area
230 m2

David Schreyer

Project Partners

The Carpenters Furniture, Kuen Alois GesmbH & Co KG

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