Ecocube, Portugal

Ecocube is a sustainable experience of immersion in nature allowing temporary stays in unexpected places. Having the Portuguese shepherds hut and the childhood tree houses as inspiration, we designed a completely disassembled ecological cube that thanks to our technology can be assembled in only 30 m. Made of wood and cork, a 100 % natural material, it stays completely disguised in the natural surroundings with no harm for the environment. Installed in strategic places, in a mountain, a rooftop or vineyard, we act as catalyst of low density territories, making other places known rather the touristic ones and creating a territorial connection cube by cube. Based in a sustainable tourism model, we always partner with local agents to create a local one-of-a-kind experience that enhance both local communities and the customeŕs experience. Our goal is to have a network of ecocubers, a community that joins locals partners with nature lovers so they can all together enjoy nature³…to the fullest.


António Fernandes

Year of completion

Porto, Portugal
Valongo, Portugal
Tabuaço, Portugal

Beatriz Fróis, Diana Sousa, Filipe Ferreira

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