Less is More

“Less is More” is the celebrated motto coined by German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe drawing inspiration from the notion that “more” may be obtained by designing a building based on the concept of essentiality (less). Alessio Pinto architect designed this amazing flush plate, who’s inspired by the history of the mechanism, and a desire to give it an innovative form and launch it into the future. An essential stainless steel form, with two cords, whose purpose is unequivocal, projecting out from semi-circular reels mounted on a metal base.
The plate Less is More has no buttons. Without removing anything, without adding anything. Just looking with new eyes at the elements in play. The object sheds its old skin and reaches out towards the user. At a glance we realise the meaning of “Plus” and “Minus”. All it takes is viewing the cords as analog signs. Shorter or less short. There can be no mistakes. They are dynamic and poised for immediate action. Instant understanding makes the object user-friendly. Born in Rome on the 12th of July 1968, Alessio Pinto architect states: Plus and Minus, no more, no less. There are no signs or symbols to decipher. Only a choice to be made, with one look.


Alessio Pinto, Italy

OLI – Sistemas Sanitários SA, Portugal

Year of production

OLI – Sistemas Sanitários SA, Portugal

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